Namaste, my name is Richa.

I am very excited to see you here, because I know that like me you are super proud of having more than 1 country you call home. I am an Indian Australian myself – born in India, and Australian by citizenship.

Just like you, I wear several hats. Apart from being ‘mumma’ to my children, ‘wifey’ to my husband – I am a small business owner, a Coach and a Mentor; along with being a podcast host.

Let’s make Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Equality an accepted norm, shall we ?

We migrated to Australia in late 2013, after having decided that we wanted a different lifestyle for us, and our children.

The decision while not an easy one, was one we took with lots of forethought – as we were planning for the long haul benefits,for our growing family.

Now, whether you moved from your country of birth because of your great grandparents, your parents, because of work, education, love…or just because you wanted something different –  you do not have to forget/erase/hide/dampen your very roots.

I’ve created the designs you see, with YOU  in mind, with the certainty that they will  REMIND you of how important you are – every single day, and in every single way.

I want you to feel confident.

I want you to feel seen.

I want you to be heard.

I want you to know you belong.

And this is where Dual Nation steps in, enjoy browsing around.

And let’s get started.