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The Custom Tee Shirt shop Journey

This video is a series snippets of the way the Dual Nation print shop works from when we have received an order to its completion.

Our journey has been one of learning, understanding, and co-operation between the Dual Nation team ( me and the husband for all his support, and occassional kick-up-the-butt wake up calls ! ) and my team at the print shop.

I’ve been asked several times to get the ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how it all ”goes down”.

Does it serve a need to have this as part of the blog ?  Sure it does, it gives you a chance to see what happens, and who the insane-like-me humans are who create this magic. They are an integral part of this concept based business, and are not only the best sounding board for it but also our staunchest supporters.

The essence of any business is support, growth and co-operation – and David, Jamie and Jayden are my supports to bring this idea to life. Check out their work by clicking this link.

And from ideation to completion — this is OUR story ! The story which gives you the opportunity to wear your pride and embrace your dual, triple,quad and sometimes even penta pride !!

Do you have a story to tell us ? We would love to hear it !

Send us an email with your journey, any photos you’d like to share at [email protected].

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