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Social Distances – An Anon story

“So this was sent to me by someone who wants to remain anonymous, and I respect their wishes. All I hope is that their journey, their musings and their insightful questioning will make us all think…dig a bit deeper. Enjoy the read.”


So…I am a multi-lingual, multi- national global; and I’ve always been super proud of the insight, the depth of thinking, the open minded-ness it lends me – a mere human, born in a third world country whose native tongue is not English. And lately, especially since I became part of the Dual Nation family – I’ve been wondering about why some are not proud like me…

Why is it that we – yes, us …the migrants, the globe trotting citizens, the creating-opportunities-whereever-we-go people find it so hard to embrace and celebrate our global nationalities?

Is it shame ?

Is it non-nonchalance ?

Is it indifference ?

Or….is it fear ?

Fear of losing the very basic essence of the country we call ‘motherland’ ? Fear that if we say we are from ‘there’ we won’t be from ‘here’ OR if we say we are from ‘here’ we shall no longer be from ‘there’ ?

Our cultural and linguistic differences create social distances, and these distances then add a lack of the ’emotional’ connect we as humans seek. Why aren’t we able to bridge this Us vs Them chasm ?

I found that by getting a simple product from Dual Nation, gave me an impetus to proudly say – yes I am multinational, yes I am a citizen of the world, yes I am proud of it – and it affirmed for me my adaptability, my flexibility, my attitude, my behavior even. I found that suddenly my children, watching me, had a gradual mind shift – call it a reframe – of what they thought of their darker skin color, their jet black hair, their slight upward slanting eyes.

And then the bomb of truth dropped — we had, my spouse and I, subconsciously in our endeavor of getting our kids assimilated into Australian culture – subdued our own lineage. We did not talk much about our home country, kept the traditional stuff away from them,the foods, the language even. And we realise now, that we had done our children a disservice. And now, as teens, because of the simple tee’s from Dual Nation – we had opened up the dialogue about where we were from, why the children had the darker skin, and why they should be proud of it all !

All I can say is that our – yours and mine – stories need to be heard. Being a multinational, is not something to be ashamed of, something that needs to be hidden – celebrate it, embrace it, rejoice in it …and be a dual, triple, quad and I’ve been told Penta pride national !! You don’t have to chose, you get to be it all !



Ladies, Gentlemen — hope you enjoyed reading that….and I hope you too shall proudly celebrate your pride with our designs. Happy shopping !

Do write in your stories, your insights, your journey to [email protected] – I’d love to share them.

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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you 🙏 this was beautifully written and makes so much sense… I’m forwarding to my friends

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