Kia Ora! Welcome to our New Zealand Australian range of products! We are very proud that our designs allow you to celebrate what it means to be New Zealand Australian and to show the world that you have ‘Twice the Pride’!

We are a ‘Dual Nationality’ family-run business, and we understand what it means to have ‘Twice the Pride’!

Note, most adult T-Shirts are available as either large centre print, or as a small chest print – you select as you are purchasing the product.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have loved creating them! When you receive your products, we would be most grateful (truly!) if you could share photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag us with #dualnation #twicethepride. THANK YOU!!!

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New Zealand Australian Baby Romper

Show everyone you have ‘Twice the Pride’ with this New Zealand Australian Baby Romper.

New Zealand Australian Coasters

Custom circle shaped coasters that have been designed to look great under any drink, and with every sip. Printed in full color on coaster board, your New Zealand Australian coasters are crisp in design, and will keep your table dry for the next round.