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My family and I are wearing the product range from the Indian Australian design range.

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Welcome to the first Dual Nation post on our blog ! I’d like to start this chapter of with my own personal journey as a global national.

Growing up, my family travelled ‘abroad’ a fair bit, and we visited, lived, went to school, shopped …basically lived life in countries outside of India. We were exposed to lots of new experiences – the culture shock we got then, became the launchpad for who and what we are today !

To take you back some 40+ years ago – I was born in a Hindu, non-traditional family in the hustling city of Bombay. Due to the nature of my father’s job – we moved cities to Calcutta – in fact I still identify as Calcutta being my home town. This was the first instance of culture shock to my parents.

Move forward some years, we as a family followed my father to Germany – culture shock !!! A new language, new ways of living, new foods, new methods – everything was new { Now, my brother and I were really small – so don’t really think we experienced as much of a culture shock as did my parents}. However, my parents do tell us – very fondly – that my brother and I experienced culture shock in waves when we came back to India !!

Fast forward a few couple of years – we went to America. Now, this I do remember, because I did experience a shock – not in language – but in how teens perceived the world in America vs how they did back home. This is not an easy subject, because in the throes of ‘budding’ teen years and a severe ‘identity’ crisis – I was the subject and the object of ridicule…of bullying- just because I was DIFFERENT, I spoke DIFFERENTLY, I thought DIFFERENTLY

Now this blog post is not about that, it is about what we – as global identities – have all felt at some time or the other == A confusion about who we are, where we fit in, and  the why’s and how’s.

Picture this, a teen with hormonal changes, born in a Hindu family – trying to ‘fit in’ into a Christian, white, and predominantly non-brown Minnesota. The struggle to hide what felt like ‘baggage’ {at that time} in order to speak the language those American teens had, hiding in plain sight, seeing what everyone is doing and emulating them – in order to fit in – became a journey in itself.

Now, once again – let’s fast forward to college/university days – where there was more acceptance, more students who were just like me and who had experienced the same wanting to fit in ’ journey. And it is here, that for me started this very deep seated need to promote acceptance of differences, of multiculturalism and tolerance.

And now in my {almost} 40’s I own and am proudly doing the same via Dual Nation.

And I’d like to welcome all those who are like me – dual/triple nationalities, blended heritages – to realise, accept and understand that WE are who we are – genetics don’t lie. WE need to not give into this ‘identity’ crisis we feel when we move countries, or when our lineage shows up in our names, in our skin color, the way our eyes..our hair…our bodies look, in the way we think, in the way we speak, in the foods we eat, in the festivals we celebrate – all of these ADD to the richness of the tapestry of the community…nay the world we live in – it is IRREPLACEABLE !

Tell me your stories, tell me what you feel …and let me share your journey with others who too are like you – same same but different ! Your story will help others who too are on this journey….

Let Dual Nation be the voice the enriches the community you live in, let the products we make show how proud we are of our lineage, of our genetics, of our heritage….and let us help you to Celebrate that pride with our designs.

Note : eMail me your stories, any photos you’d like to share  at [email protected] ; and we will share them on our blog – we love hearing from you – really, really really !

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