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Marilou’s Story

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“We landed here 5 years ago in April 2013 and permanently migrated last January 2014 with my ex-partner, who used to work for oil and gas company on Curtis Island. My ex is an Irish and an Australian resident when we migrated. He was here first before us. (We have since parted ways due to irreconcilable and irrevocable issues that we had).

But by then, I had completely and desperately fallen in love with Australia.

And, I am totally infatuated with Gladstone. What enamoured me the most and absolutely struck me, has been the friendly community, multiculturalism, the mix of cultures, food, beliefs and habits that have given me a sense of freedom I’ve not felt in any other place in the world.

I left my beloved Philippines and family for this great land, firstly because I had to join my ex,and then to explore, to travel and to expand my horizons. I’m lucky I have had the choice and capacity to do so.

I think during my break up with my ex-partner was one of the most struggling moments that I’ve met. I felt like “I was alone on my own in a place that I knew nothing about and knew anybody”. Some say I am brave to tackle such an adventure, such a challenging situation, and in dealing with the not so likeable things that happened in the past. However, to them I say ‘’I am proud to have achieved a lot in (y)our great land. I obtained my very first driving license here, I pursued my studies and have successfully completed two courses in the university plus other short courses from different training services. Now, I am happily working and doing what I love.”

There were no big struggles when it came to integration with my community; maybe because I’d been living in different countries before here ? I do have to give kudos to the organisations available to assist and guide a newly moved multicultural through this transitioning phase.

We’ve got a great community here. Though, I’ve also experienced being looked down upon, not so welcomed and treated unfairly. I do think that was mainly because of my skin tone, and because I’m from a diverse background.

It’s important for people to understand migration itself is a fact of life. It’s one of the oldest human phenomena. Humans have always moved across communities, states and continents and it’s not going to weaken. Migrant movement is in fact increasing, and I believe the best thing to do is to adapt to the changes, challenges, and whatever situations migration brings. Wouldn’t it be better to live harmoniously? Love, unity and respect are what we all need.

My own journey into Australia, and my experience of integration within the community, I’ve learnt that:

In overcoming culture shocks, we need to be patient. It takes time to adapt to new surroundings, a new culture and a new lifestyle.

We, as migrants should try to adapt to the culture of a different passport country and develop a meaningful relationship with those around you .

We should strive to learn about the country we migrate to and keep an open mind.

We should not automatically perceive that if something is different, it is “wrong”.

We, as migrants should get acquainted with the social conduct and get to know people in our new environment.

I feel welcome living in a multicultural and multiracial country, and wearing my Dual Nation shirt makes me feel proud, accepted and being from the diverse background this is very essential.

I really love the concept of this business. The passion, the heart and desire to improve the products, services and the experience their customers have with them;  combining the effort, the integration and genuine approach in order to grow and achieve the goals is awesome. I respect, admire and enjoy the ideas of this business. As one of your loyal customer’s I will continually support your business.

Thank you, Australia for your continued support towards inclusion and diversity strategic commitments and the other amazing projects that include people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Background.””

Marilou, I thank you for your very beautiful story. I am sure a lot of us CALD families will benefit from your experience, and your tips are spot on.

Do you have a story that resonates like Marilou’s ?

Do you have a multi-racial family ?

Write to me your story at [email protected], and I’d love to share it with the world.

Remember : The more tell our stories, the more people get to know that we are same same but different !

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