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Lois’s Story

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This lady’s journey made me think real deep about the reasons why we move, and the ways we go about making ourselves ‘comfortable’ in a country where the sounds, the smells, the language, the intonation…the speech patterns, the rituals are all so different…. And how we, as individuals work on ourselves…to fit in.

Read on….is your story like Lois’s’ ? Is it different but same?

“In the year of 2008, I had just graduated from Uni in England and the global financial crisis meant the management Graduate scheme I had a place on, was withdrawn.  My aunt who lives in Sydney called me and insisted I come for a visit.  After a year on a working holiday I moved to regional, central Queensland to work in order to extend my visa. This is where I have lived ever since, gaining access to career opportunities I never would have in Scotland. 

A few years later I shouted my brother Bill to a plane ticket here, where he still resides and has just had a baby, a dual national baby nonetheless , Scottish Australian !

 The biggest challenge was being comfortable in my own skin – initially I tried to be an Aussie, rather than accepting that I was different.  This led to lots of awkward looks when I used ‘mate’ all the time in my British accent – people didn’t like the in authenticity.  Then I went too far the other way – defining myself by my Scottish heritage and being critical of the Australian culture. 

I learnt, over a period of time that I had to be open and accepting, watch myself when I had those fleeting judgemental thoughts.  As I grew in this community, which I now call home…I also realised it’s human nature to compare and contrast, therefore it was important to focus on the parts I was grateful for and accept each culture as it was, and is.

Thanks to Dual Nation I have now found the equilibrium where I have equal pride for my Scozzie (Scottish Australian) identity. It’s been totally liberating for me, to realise the journey I have been on, moving here, integrating, getting married to an Australian.

Whilst it is challenging moving to a new country, I am lucky to have had the opportunity.  Dual nation encourages migrants to embrace both their original culture and new culture equally – I personally feel lucky, to have twice the pride! “

Tell me your story…tell me your journey, I’d love to hear it..and so would the rest of the Dual Nation tribe. eMail me at [email protected] , with your story, any photographs you’d like to share….

2 thoughts on “Lois’s Story

  1. Rachel says:

    Love this Lois ❤️

  2. Roy says:

    Beautifully written, with honest feelings of joy for your new home, and never loosing your proud heritage. Just a pity the two are so far apart.

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