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A Citizenship Story

The weirdest of feelings are awash today – a feeling of excitement, a feeling of nervousness….a feeling of joy, or pride…of loss….of giving up.

All these tumultuous feelings are a result of what is going to happen today. Today, we as a family ‘give up’ our birth country’s citizenship, and take on another. A decision my husband and I made years ago is coming to fruit today – after some struggle, after lots of introspective discussions – with oneself…and with some trepidation.

Does the citizenship change anything about us? Not really – we are still Indian at the core, and will always be – whether it be through the language/s we speak, the traditions we follow, the food we eat, the music we jiggy to and even the clothes our bodies melt into. Because of whatever immigration laws our country has with Australia – we can’t be dual citizens – and that represents a loss. A loss of being an Indian citizen, a loss of forever now being expats…..and a loss of ‘legally’ being Indian. We are now OCI’s in our own home, expats, tourists….visitors – legally. Emotionally we are still Indians.

Yet, there is a hope in the future – we moved countries because we wanted a lifestyle that afforded us an out from the everyday red tapism, everyday beaurucratic nonsense,every day dog-eat-dog life. We wanted for our child/ren to be one amongst many, not just a number. Its not that bad in India, by the way – just different. With a population that threatens to take over everything, resources are few…and the demand high. And we did not want our future to be one where everything we did was just that- not recognised, not counted…not make a difference.

Here, every little job we do is a rung in our ladder to the top, we can make a difference with every action we take…every step we take – not just for ourselves as a couple …but also for our children.

We moved countries…we are giving up one country’s citizenship for another – and we are excited. Excited about possibilities, excited about what’s to come…excited about what this may mean for our childrens’ futures.

They are growing up loving 2 countries, not just one.

They speak 2 languages, not just one…

They have a worldwide view about everything, not just one…

And they have a future of possibilities….

We are Indian by birth AND Australian by Citizenship !!!

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