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Dual Nation in the news ! – The Journey to National

So ya know how I am hoping to go national this year ? All these snippets of ‘newsworthy’ news is what will get Dual Nation there. I hope to keep adding to this, and making guest speaker options possible, a tour ? Markets ? So many possibilities, and so many opportunities.

And not ever possible without you, my awesome proud multicultural Dual Nation family !

Project Leap, started by 2 self-confessed crazy ladies with the kindness that warms the heart, who have such brilliancy in ideas that you are left mouth gaping just listening to them speak, who believe in the best of everybody they interact with thought that what I was doing with Dual Nation was not only innovative, but inspirational ! These 2 beautiful souls started this part of their journey, to support any and every individual who owns their piece of the entrepreneurial pie in Regional, Rural and Remote locations. And I got to be a part of their guest series, listen to it here.

Girl Boss Mornington Peninsula , all the way out in the vibrant Mornington Peninsula decided that they would love to add my business to their magazine, and I was thrilled to see Dual Nation being featured on it.


And then, come International Women’s day I got called by The Observer in my town, and they wanted to do a story on me. On not just Dual Nation, but me and the work I’ve been doing. It felt really good to be feted, to be applauded and appreciated.

And then a few connections here, and there and this happened, and it feels amazing ! To be part of a Guest Interview panel,with my story being heard along with other business leaders…..this just shows that women can be supportive, can be inspiring,can be loving. And you can read it on “Queens Who Succeed” , and be inspired.

Dual Nation, and its unique idea got featured as part of  Digital Mums Directory as well, and I was part of the handful of mums who turned their passion into a business idea, and rocked it outta the ball park !

There’s more to this journey which I hope to take NATIONAL this year – and all these wins add to the goal !

Share with me what you want to see me do, where you want me to go and who to speak to ! I am all about getting the vision for Dual Nation out there !



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