We migrated to Australia some 6 years ago, and we love both the country we were born in and the country we now call home. While we shall always be ‘of the former’ in heart, Australia is now home – and we love both countries equally !

We have “twice the pride” and celebrate it in all ways possible..

But, enough about me – let’s talk about you

Whether you moved from your country of birth because of your great grandparents, your parents, because of work, education, love…or just ‘cuz — you’ve now started to call wherever you are now, HOME.

And, home projects – comfort,safety,a place,where YOU can be just yourself.

Yourself is EVERYTHING about you – your beautiful skin tone, that smile in the tilt of your eyes, that glorious hair, the awesomness that emanates from your kitchen, the colors in your festivals, the lilt in your language….well, I did say EVERYTHING

Home + Yourself = Pride

And pride is CELEBRATORY – and that’s where Dual Nation steps in.

Everyday, I get to create designs that celebrate you at that base, root level. The place from where all the dialogues start.

I, via Dual Nation give you the stepping stone, and you take it as far as you can go – and help create that space where EVERYONE feels safe and proud – feels like they are home.

I know that the love for one country does not take away from the love of another – they add richness to each other!

Enjoy the designs I’ve created, on the many product options.

My name is Richa Joshi.

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